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22 Nov/15 dec 2015 Objektief Gallery Enschede

Kunstroute Berkelland 2016/2017/2018

04 Februari / 26 March 2017 Galerie 21 at Bredevoort (NL)

04 May / 23 June PUGN12 Nederweert

28 March / 28 june 2019 Townhall Borculo

15 works on 3mm Acryl UV protected Fine-Art with Dibond 3mm back (colours guaranteed 50 years) , 120×80,limited editions. (5) €999,00

1 work on 3mm Acryl UV protected Fine-Art with Dibond 3mm back (colours guaranteed 50 years) , 150×100, limited editions. (3) €1299,00

Below are already printed and for sale , e-mail for the details and info. (In the netherlands , price is include transport & assembling)

About me


Some little history about the photographer



The first urban exploring took place at the age of seven, me and my friends walked into an abandoned hotel in my hometown. Of course this resulted in a reprimande of the local police.

At the age of eleven I had my own camera, an old Agfa.

From 1989 until 1995 I made several worldtrips, with my wife,  including some special countries like India and Nepal. I made a lot of pictures, all diapositives (best colours and sharpness) with first a Canon T70 and after a few years a Canon Eos5. Nowadays I use a Canon 5DMk4 , equipped with the 11/24 and 24/105 and backupequipment Canon 50D, mostly equipped with a 10/22mm.

The last few years I picked my old love again, photographing abandoned and forgotten objects. Mostly I travel Europe to make these photos. Of course I never travel alone, but always with the same friends who have the same interests. Thnxz to Olivier, Niki, Werner, Paul, Martin, Christoph, Andrzej and Lukasz for the great tours and marvellous company, MatDur, FrogRoss, Rui, MrMonster, Andy and Matthias for local support, hope I did’nt forget somebody.

But its not only the abandoned beauties, also nightphotograpy, landscapes and people I love to make. On this webite only a selected choise , more at my FLICKR site.

For information about getting one of these pictures on your wall, printed on several materials, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also available for several photo assignments (technical / architectural and more) , for info please contact me.

Buried Dreams by Willem van Dijke
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Majestical solitudes

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